Artwork is stolen by

pilot cat.jpg is company from USA stole the artwork of my wife.

They use this picture like a print on their products - t-shirts, cups and etc.

link to the artwork -

We wrote to them and they answered - "we will speak with our team" and just blocked us on their facebook group. They ignore our messages.

We found a lot of photos with people and this t-shirts.

We found that this site uses shopify platform for sale. So one solution is write the letter to this platform and they can stop it.

This site registered by Dennis Davoren.

I'm really in shock.

I'm looking for full-time work employment remotely .

3D Visualisation Artist, main direction is an architectural visualisation (interiors/exteriors). My tools : Corona render/Fstorm, Zbrush, Growfx, Substance Painter, Adobe Photoshop/After Effects.

Today my wife did surprise for me! Now i have a new Xeon, this is 5 time faster than my working PC. Thank you very much my love!!

The self-made model palm trees, with animation of wind. First step.


Hi, it's my new site&blog. Some later i will post new works and maybe tips/tricks. I’ll be posting my stuff 3d or photo, will see. Feedback will be much appreciated.