"Minerals", how it made

Here we go.

For work i used : 3dsmax, Zbrush, Fstorm and Photoshop.

My first step was to modelling base geometry of minerals and ground. I started from cylinder with 6 sides and did "slice plane" several times + applied "cap holes". Step by step I did 5 types of minerals with different dimensions and type of slices. Next step was work in the Zbrush, I added details and changed some proportions.


For modelling of the ground I did base mesh in the 3dsmax (simple a several crossing boxes with different sizes and positions) and modified in Zbrush. I used Dynamesh (it gave to me nice weld effect between boxes). I added some cracks and roughness. Finally I did unwrap of my models.

Next step was assembly all models in one scene. I just has placed objects like I wanted before.

First part of the work was done. Next and more interesting part of the work is- setup render/shaders and light.

For render I used Fstorm render (version 0.2.6a).

A few words about this render engine. This is a pretty young GPU render engine with a big potential. Have many nice features like a glare/bloom, LUT, fstorm maps and etc, but still have no many usually for 3d artist functions like displacement, render elements, custom shapes and etc. But as I said, this is young render engine, so during the time Fstormusers will get traditional tools.

In the Fstorm I love 2 important for me things:

1) the UI is a very friendly, so I can work with picture and don't spend my time in game with samples/subdivs like it was in Vray/Mental ray/Arnold render engines. It giving a big wings in the work!

2) Easy to increase your render speed. You can buy and add one or several videocards to your motherboard and this is give for you a several time speed growth . BTW Fstorm works only with Nvidia videocards. From GTX 9xx series can show pretty nice speed.

Ok, need to return to work.

In second part I did light/material and render settings. For light i used Hdri + 2 Fstorm lights (1 big light with a low power is above and second light with a high power is below). This scheme of the light gave for me pretty nice light and refractions.

I attached the pictures of the my rendering and materials setting.

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